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House Network Design

If you are looking for professional help in getting your “Smart Home” automation setup you have come to the right place.

Our team has an extensive experience in setting up all the components of “Smart home”.

What is “Smart Home”
The definition changes as we move forward in time and more connected devices become available.
Let me give you a list what is currently under this heading. Number one is the building block of it all, connection to the Internet.

Now speeds at which we connect are getting higher and higher. What was the best offering from Time Warner at 300MB/s and now is surpass by AT&T fiber with 1TB/s speed.

Right after internet connection we have wired network and Wi-Fi.
Most providers lease to costumers Modem/Router/Wi-Fi combo, they are good for small apartment settings but installed in the house fail to deliver on performance and Wi-Fi coverage

Your entertainment system is your next part of the “Smart Home”.
Today all the components of your system are connected to the internet, TV, DVD player, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire just to name few. They all consume bandwidth and with the advent of 4K we need bigger and bigger pipeline delivering all of this content. So if you want to watch your favorite show on Netflix without that annoying spinning circle you need well design and implemented network

So now you are sitting comfortably watching your favorite Netflix show you hear noise coming from outside patio or door bell rings, what do you do?
You could get up and look outside, this might be a long walk, stairs etc. What you could do is pickup your remote control and switch to your security cameras channel, look outside, check the front door or turn on the lights, all with couple of clicks.